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Activities, activities, activities..why there are so many activities required for a student. The answer is growth and development. The more you become active, the more you will learn. The school-age is a perfect time to learn and absorb, so extracurricular activities are so important. But these after school activities should be planned in the right manner by not hampering the schedule which is already present.

St. Stephen's School, Birati - School Activities

 So, what are the activities that need to get planned? 

School Activities

St. Stephen’s School, Birati recommends certain activities to the parents in their recent guardian meeting. They have been asking questions to them about what should be done after school that would increase their intellectual ability. So the school has recommended these activities: Dance and sports will increase their confidence, coordination, and event participation. Sports will ensure that they are doing their physical activity and exercises. Cooking classes even be very beneficial because they will get to learn so much about nutrition. They will learn about communication and cooperation.

 It can even build their measurement and capacity skills. They can take swimming classes for building motor skills and this will also help them to grow. Martial arts, Gymnastics can be a well good addition to the after school activities. Activities can even vary according to the age and class but one thing should always remain constant that is a balance between physical and mental activities.
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