The school follows ICSE curricular and the books and lessons are as per our parent School at St.Stephen's School, Dum Dum.


This Branch of St.Stephen's Group Of Schools has completed 5 years of successful operation and this is the 6th year. The school,presently IN 2019-2020 SESSION, has  from Toddler Class to Class VIII. In the Session 20-21, Class IX is going to be added. Admission starts from Age 2.5 + to 14 years at present. The Infrastructure and classes is planned from class Toddlar upto class XII. There shall be addition of 1 class every year upto Class 12.


This School is designed to create a complete digital school. Education is undergoing a sea change. A lot of Emerging Technology makes learning fun .We believe in providing most modern educational implements at par with best schools in India. From CLASS 2 onwards, all classes have been converted to Digital Class. Promethian Smart Boards are one of the most technically advanced Interactive Boards in the world. All Class rooms are equipped with Promethian White Smart Board. ADHAYAN interactive lessons offer comprehensive education in all subjects and are extensively used to complement and supplement class room teaching. All Classes have High Speed Internet Connectivity. ERP BASED TEACHING:
There is a dedicated school APPS. All students have their own dash board.  ERP integration is completed and further development is in progress.Once implemented , this will create an advanced educational platform for students with very efficient co-ordination between student-teacher-parent.


All students are encouraged to take up Games and Extra-Curricular activities. Education and Games/Extra-curricular Activities are given equal Importance.
Yoga or Martial Art is compulsory from Class Nursery onwards. Yoga and Martial Art Classes are conducted by the premiere Training Institute of MIR ACADEMY. Also from Class KG there are a range of Extra-Curricular Activities. It is compulsory to choose any one activity. Activities which are conducted are : 

CHESS: Taught by DISHA CHESS ACADEMY by ELO ranked players. 

DANCE: Western Dance and Modern Dance by Sunny and Tulika. Visit our YouTube Channel for videos. Please click on the left corner RED linked button for get into our Facebook and YouTube sites. 


Other Curricular Activities

GUITAR: Western annotation and Playing Guitar is taught by experienced faculty.

Recitation/Debate/Drama/Acting :This is taught by experienced Drama/Theater Actor.

Drawing and Calligraphy : This is taught by very experienced Teachers. There is provision of examination under Sahitya Kala Academy of India.  

Mental Maths(Abacus) :This is Conducted by UCMAS and is a world wide programme This very comprehensive programme develops not only Mental Maths Skill, but also Concentration and speed reading Techniques. Very beneficial during formative years of the child. School provides the scope to students to take part in various inter-school, state level and National Level Competitions to display their talents and win laurels.


Every year Summer and Winter camp is undertaken in school. This is a compulsory activity. Various workshops are conducted and varied age appropriate items are taught . Children enjoy art & craft items, paper making and paper product manufacturing. Children are introduced to Soduko , cross word and different puzzle games. Children find cookery classes very interesting


School does not own any pool car but has cars under our direct supervision. Those cars have been fitted with GPS and guardians can directly track the car movement from phone or mobile. These cars are required to follow the school rules and regulations.


The school website is used not only used for displaying notices and Breaking news but also to conduct extra class lessons as per syllabus of Olympiads and other All India Exams of each class. Students are required to download lessons and provision of self assessment is provided. All Curricular activities including Karate / Yoga are recorded and the video is displayed in Web Site. This helps the child to practice the curricular activities under Guardian's supervision after class.
The Daily class lessons that are taught in class, are downloaded in our website which are beneficial for Guardians.
This will bring many interesting educational options to students. Website is being designed as a major tool for information dissipation and knowledge assimilation for students. In the coming years, the website shall be a major tool for educational activities and group activities as per international standards. The website is being programmed to conduct different study and games practice session and competitions.


ANNUAL FUNCTION : This is a highpoint of the Year which all students of our school wait for. Students sing and dance and it is a show of plathora of talent and inventiveness.This Grand Function coincides with Christmas Celebration and is attended by major functionaries of the Diocese.

PRIZE DISTRIBUTION and RABINDRA JAYANTI : Normally this day is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. Students pay homage to our Great Poet through song and dance.

REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATION: Students do March Past and celebrate this day through various programme.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION : This day is celebrated with a myraid of activities by students. Students display various skills acquired through our various extra-curricular school activities. There are very exiting keenly contested mental maths competitions.

ANNUAL SPORTS: This is a major activity and very keenly contested by the students.

ART & CRAFT EXHIBITION : Students are encouraged to make various art and craft items with daily used and biodegradable items and it is compulsary for all students to take part in this programme.



a)WORK SHOP ON CHILD ABUSE : We believe to empower the child to face the challanges in every day life. Statistics shows that 56 percent of Girl Child and 35 percent of Boy Child faces sexual abuse in some stage of life. This workshop is conducted separately for Guardians and children. This is compulsary attendance programme and very important curriculum in our school.This curriculum is undertaken from class Pre-Nursery onwards. This workshop is conducted by eminent Psychologist. 

b)NUTRITIONIST AND DIETITIAN WORKSHOP:Eminent Dietitian and Nutritionists Dr.S.Ghosh conducted the workshop this year. There are food related problems and issues of every child. Parents are given guidance regarding the food intake based on the BMI of each child. New healthy tiffin recipe are taught to the guardians along with interactive sessions. Only home cooked food is allowed or fruits is allowed as tiffin. Chips / kurkure or similar ready to eat food is strictly not allowed in school.

c)EDUCATIONAL TOUR : Compulsory from class 2 onwards.

d)IN-HOUSE PSYCHOLOGIST : School has an in-house psychologist who conducts this very important role as there are severe stress related problems found in students in modern enviroenment. In case any problem is detected, Guardians are counselled and suitable remedial action are suggested for proper child development.

e)OLYMPIADS & SPELL BEE COMPETITION : Students are helped to prepare for these major national level competitions and we have seen some outstanding performances from students in the competitions.

School has taken the lead to introduce some unique courses and one of them is Mid Brain Activation Programme. Students develop amazing qualities and concentration level through meditation and other concentration exercises. A very useful and unique Programme!!!

Besides the above, there are many monthly themed programme round the year.