Parents Guidelines Rules

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Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and personal belongings at School. The School Authorities will not compensate for any lost articles. Parents are requested not to allow cash or costly articles to be brought to School by their wards. Watches (for pupils below Class IX) and Gold Ornaments are forbidden. All objectionable matter is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized cash/articles found with students will be confiscated. 

Parents are requested to co-ordinate with the Principal / Coordinator / Class Teacher by letter, or to meet personally by taking prior appointment, regarding progress and welfare of their ward.  Principal / Coordinator / Class Teacher may also required any parent to meet personally in the matter of progress of the pupils. 

Parents are not allowed to meet their ward during school hours without permission from Principal. 

Parents are required to check the School App everyday for any notice and information. Parents may communicate with Principal / Coordinator / Class Teacher through the designated area in School App. 

Parents are not allowed to send any stationary, tiffin or any other items to their ward within the school hours. In case of any emergency or medical issues where in the items have to be delivered to the ward, permission has to be taken from Coordinator.