Newsletter cont... with Affiliation News
AFFILIATION NEWS: There has been 2 months delay due to Election. We have now prayed for Final Inspection which will take place soon. This is the final step in this whole procedure for getting Affiliation. All parameters for getting Affiliation are met.We are following it up rigorously and shall keep everybody abreast of latest development. Please do not pay heed to rumours. We are facing this since inception. Many Guardians have come to me and I have shown them the latest correspondence about Affiliation. If you have any queries about Affiliation, pl call on us with prior appointment. We are more than willing to share the same. Thank you and Wish You a Happy Vacation
MESSAGE TO GUARDIANS FROM PRINCIPAL DESK: We are witness to libel defamation in Personal Page of Facebook of few teachers who has been terminated recently with outrageous, inappropriate, false and totally defamatory content. The teacher has tagged past teachers and few guardians to fan and propagate the malicious contents demeaning our institution. Our school is guided by missionary motive and the curriculum of school is focussed on betterment of students. We have formulated strict policies and teachers and guardians have to strictly adhere to it. Those teachers who refuse or resist or non-cooperate in abiding by the set rules and policies of the school have to part ways with the school. School authority will be strict and it is for betterment of the school educational standard. We are taking stringent action against all who are trying to demean the reputation of our institution. Please be assured that today we are good, tomorrow will be better, future we will be the best. ................Cont with AFFILIATION NEWS:
Class Work Copy
Parents are requested to collect their ward's Classwork Copy (if any) from the teachers on 24th May (9:00 am to 12:00 pm) and again from 10th June (9:00 am to 12:00 pm) from the school office.
Special Math and Science Class (Class 4-9)
Principal Sir will conduct Science and Maths class during Vacation for weak students. Class 4 onwards. Pl apply or call in school within 24 th by 2 pm.
Dear Parents Summer Vacation from Classes III - VIII shall start from 23rd May (Thursday) after summer camp on 21st and 22nd May till 16th June (Sunday). School shall be open from 17th June (Monday) Principal
SPELL BEE Workshop
Dear Parents, A strong reminder regarding the Workshop of SPELL BEE for the guardians - tomorrow (18th May) 9.30 - 10.10 - For State Level 1 From 10.20 onwards - State Level 3 Venue - Class Room V Principal
Due Books
As per our records all pending books have been disbursed. In case there are any due books, Guardians are requested to contact office with book list within Saturday (18-05-2019). No pending books will be issued after Saturday (18-05-2019). In case of any demand of books, after 18-05-2019, the book has to be purchased from IBT, College Street directly. Principal
Summer Camp (Class III to VII)
Date: 21-05-2019 Class (III - IV), Reporting time 7:45 am and Releasing time 11:10 am Class (V - VII), Reporting time 7:45 am and Releasing time 01:00 pm Date: 22-05-2019 Class (III - IV), Reporting time 7:45 am and Releasing time 11:10 am Class (V - VII), Reporting time 7:45 am and Releasing time 01:00 pm Pool car shall be available on both the days of Summer Camp (III - IX)
Pool Car Update (Notice for class Toddler to II)
Pool Car will be available tomorrow for PICK UP in the morning. However, the release of students (Toddler to II) have to be by guardians only as due to recall of POOL CAR by Local P.S.
Tomorrow Karate and Yoga Class (Class III to IX) will be conducted as per normal schedule. Students from class III to IX must have to come in Martial Art / PT Uniform. Releaseing time for students of class III to IX will be at 1:30 p.m.
Pool Car not available (15-05-2019)
On 15.5.2019 Pool Car will not be available. Guardians have to drop their children to school and take back during release. Tomorrow release will be at 1.30 pm as per normal schedule.
ECA classes
Tomorrow there will be ECA classes for all the classes. So the releasing time for the classes will be same. KG - 11:00 a.m I - IX - 1 :30 p.m
School Close (23-05-2019)
On 23rd May (Thursday) school will remain close for classes (III to XI) in view of Electoral Result Declaration. The school is open on 24th May (Friday).
PTM (Class II)
Tomorrow (14th May) - PTM shall take place with the class teachers of Class II at 12:30 pm, regarding the discussion about the project work (English Literature)
For Pool Car Users (Toddler to Class II)
Please note, a change in schedule As mentioned earlier Pool Car will not be available on 15th and 20th May. However Local Thana has agreed to release per route one Pool Car on 16th and 17th only ( for classes Toddler to Class II). Please coordinate with your pool car driver.
Summer Vocation
# Summer Vocation from Classes (Toddler to II) shall begin from 18th May (Saturday) till 16th June (Sunday). # Summer Vocation from Classes (III to IX) shall begin from 25th May (Saturday) till 16th June (Sunday). # School will re-open after Summer Vocation on 17th June (Monday) Principal
NAT STATE LEVEL QUALIFIED LIST The following students have qualified NAT Exam 2018-2019 for State Level. Student and Class 1) BIDHAN CH SAMANTA – 1 2) SOURAJIT MITRA – 1 3) SANNIDHYA SARKAR – 1 4) ATRI ROY – 1 5) SHREEYANK BHOWMICK – 1 6) TAPATI DAS – 1 7) ENAKSHI SARKAR – 1 8) RUSHAN BHUNIA – 1 9) ADRITA PAN – 2 10) TRINA CHAKRABORTY – 2 11) RUDRA PRATAP CHOUHAN – 2 12) SHARANYA ROY – 2 13) ANANT PRATAP RATHORE – 3 14) NIVEDITA DUTTA – 3 15) ADYRAJ DAS – 3 16) SWAKIYA CHAKRABORTY – 3 17) USHASHI MUNSHI – 3 18) DEBANGANA DAS – 3 19) SAGNIK KUNDU – 3 20) SHUBHANGI DEB – 3 21) RITU PODDAR – 3 22) KINANKA DUTTA – 4 23) SK SOUNAM SHINY – 4 24) SWASTIK GHOSH – 5 The extra class for the same will be on 26-04-2019 (Friday) at school. Thanks and Regards Mou Moulik
Students who want to participate in Spell Bee Level 1 are requested to submit the form with fees on Monday postitively as their Summer Vacation will start from 18th May 2019. This is necessary to provide the Study Books before the summer vacation comencess.
1] Guardians please note that due book cover is being issued form office. Last date for issue is 15-05-2019 (Wednesday). No due covers will be issued after due date. All covers after due date have to be purchased. 2] Guardians please note that no further books will be accepted for replacement from office under any condition.
Dear Guardians, kindly note that Pool Card will not be given on 15th, 16th, 17th and 20th May 2019