Annual Sports Day
Guardians are hereby informed that St Stephens School, Birati is organising Annual Sports Day on 26th January (Saturday). students those want to participate for sports must give their names to the class teacher b through application by 22nd January (Tuesday). Note: Final selection will be done only after HIT
Winter Carnival 2019
Welcome to St.Stephen's School Carnival- an extravaganza of delectable Food , Raffles , games and Competitions. Enjoy mesmerizing Dance and Music. Come one , Come all
Songs for Dance participants in Winter Carnival
Dear guardians, pls note that those who are participating in Dance Show (Winter Carnival 2019) must carry the songs in pen drive or in phone.
NAT Exam Details
NAT Exam Details
Timings for the programme on Winter Carnival Days:
19th Jan 2019 1] Opening Dance - 11.15 am 2] ABAUS Mental Maths (Free Participation) - 11.30 am - 12.30 am 3] Sit and Draw Competition (Free Participation) - 12.30 pm-1.30 pm Age Group - 3yrs to 6yrs (Carry Colours, Pensils, Eraser etc.) Age Group - 7yrs and 11yrs (Carry Colours, Pensils, Eraser etc.) Age Group - 12yrs and above (Carry Colours, Pensils, Eraser etc.) 4] Recitation Competition [a] Category A (Tod-KG) - 12.30 onwards and [b] Category B (I-IV) - 12.50 onwards 5] Singing Performance - 12.00 onwards 6] Dance Show - 1.00pm onwards 7] Magic Show - 1.30pm onwards 8] Surprise Event for Female Guardians - 2.05 on ground 20th Jan 2019 1] Bengali Dance - 11.30 onwards 2] Singing Performance - 12.00 onwards 3] Puppet Show - 12.30 onwards 4] Dance Show - 1.00 onwards 5] Recitation Competition [c] Category C (V onwards) - 1.30 pm onwards 6] Clay Modelling - Chargeable - Rs. 50 (pay on spot) Organised by Kores Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm 7] Sit & Draw Competition (Chargeable, pay on spot) Organised by Kores (12:30 pm - 1:30 pm) Cat A - Age Group - 3 yrs to 6 yrs (Rs. 25 ) will provide (12 shade wax crayons) or 6 shades Tempera Colour Cat B - Age Group - 6 yrs and above (Rs. 50) will provide ( 12 shade oil pastel) 8] Surprise Event for Male Guardians - 2.00 pm on ground
Release Time for KG on 15th and 16th Jan
This is to notify that the release time of Class KG will be at 11 am instead of 11.30 am for Tuesday (15/01/2019) and Wednesday (16/01/2019)
Stockings For Girls (Class III to VIII)
Guardians are hereby notified that stockings for girl are available at school. Price Rs. 90/-. For further details contact office.
Guidelines for Guardians for Winter Carnival 2019
Guidelines for Guardians 1) Size of stall – 10 feet (w) x 10 feet (l) 2) 1 table + 2 chairs will be provided per stall. 3) 1 tube light will provided per stall. 4) Date – 19th& 20th January 2019, 11:00 am to 3:00 am. 5) Stall will be handed over at 9 am on 19 th January 6) Stall has to be decorated with charts individually with Menu & Price. 7) Price per plate Rs.20 or multiples thereof. 8) Electric point will be provided. No open flame allowed. Only induction heater. 9) In case of multiple points required, you have to bring extension cord. 10) Any extra table/chair will be available with decorator at extra cost in the ground. 11) Stall Rent: a) Food Stall – Rs. 1500/- b) General Stall /Item Stall – Rs. 2000/- For Food Stall: Money will be disbursed from school on 25/01/2019 after totaling all coupons. Rs. 1500/- (Stall fare) and 10% of total sale will be deducted For General Stall: You can display and sell any item of your choice. Exhibitions allowed to transact in cash. No deduction or contribution to be given. (I) Application has to make in white A4 paper with following details: S. No Name of Guardians Name of Child Class 1 2 (II) Food Items Proposed: Write name of food items you want to prepare and sale a] b] c] d] e] (III) Food Items Approved (Office Use Only): a] b] c] d] e]
Notice for 8th and 9th Jan
This is to inform all Guardians that school is open tomorrow and day after tomorrow. But In view of Bandh, pl evaluate actual situation in locality before sending your child to school
Winter Carnival 2019
School is organizing Winter Carnival (2019) on 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday) Jan 2019. Many reputed schools will also be invited for this event. Every guardians has to contribute a gift not less than Rs. 50/- price range. In case of edible products, please do not give expired and unsealed. Also, we are arranging coupon's and each student has to purchase coupon worth Rs 200/- each. This is compulsory for all the students. Last day of submission - 11th Jan 2019. The surplus amount will be donated to the NGO by the school students.
Winter School Timing
Toddler - 8:00-10:00 a.m Pre Nursery + Nursery- 8:00 - 11:00 a.m K.G- 8:00- 11: 30 a.m I - VIII ( MON + TUES) - 8:00 - 1:00 p.m I - VIII (WED+ THUR+ FRI) - 8:00- 2:00 p.m
URGENT MESSAGE : Project work of Science / Bio Class 3 to 8
URGENT MESSAGE : Project work of Science / Bio with guidelines for final exam are details in Homework Section.Please check, Submission Date: 28th/29th.
School Fees Payment
Dear Guardians, In case you have unpaid school fees Dues , in view of bank holiday, pl pay through our payment gateway in School ERP or online to avoid late payment charges.
Winter Camp timing - 19th Dec 2018
On 19th Dec 2018, students reporting time is 8:00 am. Class Toddler - Class I will be released at 11:00 am. Class II - Class VIII will be released at 12:30 pm. Pool car will be available.
Revised Winter Camp Timing
In view of bad weather, the Winter Camp will start from 9 AM. The release time will be 12.30 pm Follow the ERP. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's releasing time will be 12:30pm.pool car will be available at that time...pool car guardians who want to collect their wards earlier,they can come at 12 o'clock and take their wards
Winter Camp
1) Students must bring newspaper, handkerchief, and paint brush (Class II onwards) 2) Students must come in colour dress with I-Card
5th Anniversary Annual Function
Annual Function Programme This is our fifth anniversary and this annual programme is a showcase event for us. Your participation will make it a success. Welcome You All!
Parking facilities for 15th December
Free Parking facility for Annual Function Elaborate parking facility for two wheelers and four wheelers will be at Debashree Hall premises - 1 min from Sukanta Sadan Barrackpore. In case of problem enquire at the gate.
Important notice for NAT, Winter Camp and Annual Function Dress
1) 17 December is the last date for submitting the money for NAT 2nd level exam 2) All the guardians are requested to pay the allotted amount for the costume and winter camp positively by tomorrow (13th December) 3) costume for Carol, I have a dream, Hawan karenge, Joota hai japani will be provided tomorrow so kindly pay the amount positively by tomorrow.