Payment of School Fees and Other Fees
This is to notify all the Guardians that the school fees can be paid physically in bank as well as online. When the payment is to be made in bank counter, please bring your phone to generate the unique number. The bank staff present in the cash counter will help you do the needful and complete the formalities to receive the payment. Still if there is any issues, please contact the bank manager who will definitely co-operate with you. If the problem is unresolved, you may contact school office immediately. Direct Online payment gateway link - YouTube Links from website link payemnt - YouTube Links from school ERP App payment - Happy Banking
Dance audition for Annual Programme (2019-20)
Audition will be held for Students those who are in the non dance curriculum on 24th Oct 2019 (Thursday). Attendance compulsory. Absentee request will not be considered. Class - Pre Nursery-VII
PHOTO SESSION - Class Toddler to Class IX
There shall be Photo Session of the Academic Year (2019-2020) on 23rd October (Wednesday). Students must come in neat and clean uniform. Please ensure attendance of your child in School. Principal
Audition for Annual Function
Guardians can choose any two items from the list given as under: # Dance # Drama # Recitation # Singing # Guitar # Guardians kindly note that selected students must have compulsory attendance during the rehearsal days even on Saturdays (if required). # The last date of submission (21st October). # The printed notice had already been circulated today. Students those have been absent must collect it positively (tomorrow) from the respective class teachers. Principal
Change in Schedule of Spell Bee Exam Level 2
All guardians of students selected in Spell Bee Exam Level 2 are hereby notified that the date of Spell Bee Exam is re-scheduled on 25th November (2019) instead of the previous scheduled date (5th November). We hope this will give all children adequate time for preparation. Principal
SPELL BEE Level 2 [Exam]
Spell Bee Level 2 Exam shall take place on 5th November (Tuesday). Venue - St. Stephen's School
School Excursion [29th November 2019 (Friday)]
School has arranged an excursion with special shows and educators on behalf of Science City authorities. School is arranging Luxury Buses of 50 seaters. We accommodate 100 students for this tour. Afternoon lunch - Non Veg rice thali will be provided. If any one take veg food, must inform the respective class teacher. Charges for Excursion ₹425/-. Please deport the payment to the Cash Office directly within 4th November [Monday]. Students will be enrolled on first come basis. Principal
ECA Exam
ECA Exam of Dance, Recitation, Guitar, Drawing and Chess will be held on 18-09-2019 in ECA Class.
Online Fee Payment Notice
Dear Guardians, We have linked our ERP with ICICI Payment Gateway. The following payments options are now available for payments of all school fees / curricular fees:--- a] Payment through Website--- Refer this tutorial link for screen by screen guidance. YouTube Link: b] Payment through ERP App--- Refer this tutorial link for screen by screen guidance. YouTube Link: There will be no bank charges below ₹2000/-. However, above ₹2000/- the bank changes as per RBI guidelines will be apply. Principal
Revised Durga Puja Vacation
School will re-open after Puja Vacation on 15th Oct (Tuesday) instead of 14th Oct (Monday). On 19th Oct (Saturday) there will be normal school. Time table of Monday will be followed. Reporting and Releasing time on 19th Oct will be same like other Monday. Principal
Distribution of Yoga Dress
This is to notify that on 1st Oct 2019, the Yoga Dress will be distributed to the students. Principal
For Class IV, V, VI, VII All students are requested to take library books and read during Puja Holiday. Interested students may contact Binayak Sir in Library to issue library books on 01-10-2019. Principal
This is to notify all guardians that the School Excursion [2019-2020] shall be held on 29th November [Friday]. The venue has been selected ---- SCIENCE CITY There will be a special programme for our students in 3D Digital Theatre, Panoroma on Human Evolution, Science on a Sphere. Lunch shall be Egg Thali in the Caferia of Science City. The charges sahll be ₹425/-. Reporting time for the students shall be 8:00 am. To and for transportation by Luxury Bus. Total no. of seats alloted for students - 100 Eligibility - Class III to IX Students will be enrolled on first come basis. Payment must be done inthe Cash Office. Last Date of Payment will be 4th November (Monday) Principal
Postponed IGE Schedule
Dear Parents This is to inform you that IGE scheduled to be held on 3rd November 2019 has been postponed. We are planning to have it in our school premises. Final date will be intimidated soon. For further query please contact Mrs Mou Moulik on 30th September, Monday @11am in School Regards Mou Moulik
SPELL BEE (Level 2)
The qualified students of Level 1 must give the payment given at the back of the Admit Cards to school (Cash Office Directly) on 15th October (Tuesday) ## The Certificates and Admit Cards will be issued on the next alloted exam day. Name list of qualified students are:--- 1] ARIYAN DHAR - 1BUSY BEE 2] DEBARGHYA DASGUPTA - 1BUSY BEE 3] SRITAMA GHOSH - 1 BUSY BEE 4] INDRAKSHI BHATTACHARYYA - 2 SKYLARK 5] NAIRAT SAREN - 2 SKYLARK 6] RAJNANDINI PODDER - 2 SKYLARK 7] SUNETRA DEY - 2 SKYLARK 8] SAMIKSHA KUMARI - 2 STARLING 9] AARUSHI BERA - 3/A 10] ADRISH BISWAS - 3/A 11] AISHWARYA BHATTACHARYA - 3/B 12] MEGHDIP PARIA - 3/A 13] SAYONTIKA GHOSH - 3/B 14] ANTIK SARKAR - 4/A 15] SWAKIYA CHAKRABORTY - 4/A 16] DEBANGANA DAS - 4/B 17] NIVEDITA DUTTA - 4/B 18] RAJDEEP MITRA - 4/B 19] RIDDHIMAAN DAS - 4/B 20] AYUSH MISHRA - 5/A 21] MINNISHA CHATTERJEE - 5/A 22] NANDINI KUMAR - 5/A 23] SHINCHIT BISWAS - 5/A 24] AGNIVO SAHA - 6/A 25] AYANANGSH GUHA RAJA - 6/A 26] ROHIT GHOSH - 6/A
Puja Vacation
Puja Vacation shall begin from 2nd October (Wednesday) till 13th October (Sunday) After the Terminal Exam gets over normal class shall be there on 1st October (Tuesday) only. School shall re-open after Puja Vocation from 14th October (Monday) Principal
For Art and Craft Exhibition
Students must prepare Art and Craft Work for Art and Craft Exhibition during the Puja Vocation Last Date of Submission - 21St October 2019 (Monday) Principal
Gentle Reminder (for Class V)
Payment of Blazer must be done within 25th September 2019 in Bank. Delay of payment will entail fine of ₹150/- each. The payment are as follows:--- a) Upto 36" size - ₹1350 b) for next sizes like 38", 40" etc. increment in each stage will be ₹100. c) For confirmation of Blazer size and payment details please refer to the school app fee section before payment. Principal
Holiday (Vishwakarma Puja)
On 18th August (Wednesday) school will remain close (Holiday) on account of Vishwakarma Puja.
Dear Guardians, This is to notify you that during Terminal Written Examination there shall be no ECA classes. As on 1st and 3rd October there shall be normal classes, so on 3rd October ECA (Martial Art and Yoga) shall take place.